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Cho's 16 is up! - Cho's Pizza
a veronica mars podcast

everydaysushi posting in Cho's Pizza - A Veronica Mars Podcast
User: chospizza (posted by everydaysushi)
Date: 2007-03-04 16:49
Subject: Cho's 16 is up!
Security: Public
Hi Mars fans! Cho's Episode #16 is up! Whoo hoo! Now you can sleep.

Download it at chospizza.com! I will apologize now if you end up more confused than when you began. But hey... isn't that why we like Veronica Mars? :)
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2007-03-06 17:45 (UTC)
Subject: Your trellis is a whore.
Here's the reference of my screen name from my ITunes review, read on Cho's 16. Thanks for reading it. Keep up the great podcast!

Ep 2.7 - Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner:

Mrs. Hauser: All right, people, pair up. You each have a piece of paper with an STD on it. You have to inform your partner that you have said STD.
Veronica: All right, Gia, we can be partners, but no glove, no love.
Dick: Yeah, let's get the dried-up divorcée to teach us about sex.
Gia: I heard her husband left her for a man.
Dick: And now we get bitchy and bitter for a year.
Gia: Mrs. Hauser, mine's wrong. Isn't this a flower?
Mrs. Hauser: No, Gia. Chlamydia is not a flower.
Gia: Well, we have it on, like, a trellis at our beach house.
Veronica: Your trellis is a whore.
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User: sunnydlita
Date: 2007-03-09 17:52 (UTC)
Subject: Re: Your trellis is a whore.
Haha, nice! Thanks for the reminder for that choice bit of dialogue. I love fans with a memory for obscure trivia.
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User: everydaysushi
Date: 2007-03-12 17:35 (UTC)
Subject: Re: Your trellis is a whore.
No, YOUR trellis is a... oh wait. My bad. Hard to keep all those smirky comments straight!
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